We provide promotional models for the following types of events:

We are mostly focused on brand activation interms of our key service offering to our clients. Therefore this includes experiential events such as Exhibitions stands and design, trade shows as well as instore activations. These have been specified bellow:

Exhibition stands and designs

This can be categorised as ‘Experiential marketing‘. Most known brands use this form of marketing technique. It includes using physical and digital experiences to encourage the customer to engage in the service offering or product. This could be an appgametest driving a car etc. The main aim of this type of marketing is to get the customer to become familiar with the product and develop some type of attachment  to the product or service and ultimately ensure brand loyalty.

Product Activation and Launches

Product activations and launches are under the bracket of ‘Promotional Marketing‘. This invloves targeting at businesses, retail,wholesale or even individual consumers. It can be executed through In-store activations, give-aways, specials, customer loyalty programmes as well as point of sale displays. Promotional activations is the best form of marketing interms of measuring the direct impact on sales and demand of the product/service.

Event co-ordination and product marketing

Our clients trust us with providing high quality promotional models. However over the years we identified a need in providing an all-round service offering. So this also includes the planning and execution of the brand activation. From helping you develop the concept and objective of the activation to executing the strategy as well as providing and executing the final concept/Activation. WE DO IT ALL. Finally we also provide feedback interms of measuring increase in sales, orders, or lead generation after the activation.

In addition we also offer the following services:

  • Year-End functions
  • Registrations
  • Instore
  • Intersection promotions
  • Launch parties
  • Pit Girls
  • Catering Staff
  • Bartenders
  • Shooter Girls
  • Golf days
  • Hostesses and ushers
  • Modeling gigs
  • Sports events
  • Tasters